Monday, September 13, 2004

learning adventures

Good morning -

What a weekend! Saturday was more silent than Sunday as our nation recalled 9.11.2001

Wanted to enjoy a Sunday & then share w/others on how to enjoy a Sunday. And here is what I learned...

1. Sleep in, 1 or 2 hours .

2. Get up, get dressed, say your prayers or meditate on the goodness of the earth.

3. Do dishes, laundry and other chores first in order to get it out of the way.

4. Have bagels with creamcheese and coffee; in or out of the house.

5. Read the Paper and slowly sip a coffee chaser of cold water.

6. Take a short walk (even if it is just to the mailbox).

7. Go see the newest flick and take some friends and family.
Or watch the local football game.

8. Prepare a dinner that includes fresh vegetables.

9. Do your nails a favor and take 1 hour to primp on them as they work hard for us!

10. Have a bath, say your prayers or read a good book then enjoy a restful slumber!


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