Friday, October 01, 2004

Pink Blarneybytes....Pretty and Perky :)

feeling perky as it is friday... my kid cat says
that this could be a wallpaper border,
what say you? yes or no ? Posted by Hello


Blogger Luís Bonifácio said...

You wrote in Vitriólica web site:
"wish I knew what this meant as written above - on the run -patty Este tipo de eventos já ocorreram no passado. Há 30 anos atrás, logo após o 25 de Abril, realizaram-se muitos e em todo o país. Há15-20 anos atrás, havia um salão na bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira onde artistas plasticos de nomeada, convidavam o público a pintar um tela com mais de 15 metros de comprimento. Não sei se ainda hoje realizam este evento na bienal."

These kind of events have ocurred in the past (in Portugal). 30 years ago, soon after the 25 of April (Revolution) many (Big draw) wvwnts were organized in all country. 15-20 years ago in the bi-anual art exhibition in Vila Nova de Cerveira, renown artist invite the public to paint a 15 meter canvas. Today I don't Know if these events still ocurr.

Best regards

Friday, October 01, 2004  
Blogger Dawn said...

I agree with your kitty. This would make a great wallpaper border for a little girl's room especially. A nice card design too.

Saturday, October 23, 2004  

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