Friday, November 12, 2004

not too many movie marques like this left

another vintage item Posted by Hello

-took this pic in Park City, Utah


Blogger Ralph Ivy said...

No, not many left. And I miss 'em. In 1950 I turned 12 years old and could no longer get into the Stone Theater for 15 cents. For 12-an'-olders it was 35 cents.
Tough. When my weekly allowance was only $1.25 a week. On the other hand, colas were a nickle and a bag of popcorn was a nickle.

About that time a second movie "palace" opened in my Ozark hometown (pop 980). Called the Uptown Theater, it proved a competitor by charging 14 cents for under 12 tickets, and 30 cents for 12 and older. Popcorn and soda costs were the same. The Uptown had one more competitive idea. Tuesday night was "Pal Night" which allowed 2 people in for the price of one. For a kid, 7 cents if you found a "pal". My grandpa, in his 70's, went to the movies only on pal night. He and Mr. Suggs, who owned a store of second-hand goods next to the theater, were always Tuesday nite pals. No matter the movie.

Anyway...thank you.

And... I liked your "jester" drawing. Looked regal to me.

Have a good holiday.

Ralph Ivy (aka "rivy")

Wednesday, November 24, 2004  
Blogger NYCArthur said...

I made it to Park City, Utah, also. Great drive. I went further to Sundance too. I didn't find this movie marquis, tho - I wish I had.

Photos of mine are posted somewhere at

What a great time in Salt Lake City.

Sunday, December 12, 2004  

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