Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gonna be a fresh air kid next week

Hoosick Falls Draws Me :) Posted by Picasa

i am hoping to draw, rest, read and maybe even draw some more... things i hope to draw include - but are not limited to -
1. the old barn
2. any old tools
3. the stuffed fish on the porch wall
4. some of the old chairs on the porch
5. some of the old wicker furniture in the parlor
6. maybe the old churches in town
7. maybe the main street shops in bennington
7.1 maybe one of the "bennington moose" showing this summer
8. possibly the old typewriter that has been that hall for at least 50 yrs.
9. maybe the old clock on the kitchen wall
10. maybe signs from around town
11. the painted "protest house" just off main street
12. any of the old teacups
13. the sign on the barn
14. the orchard area or the rolling hills
15. shannon, mom and dad's dog...

there that will keep me busy, so what are you drawing today?


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