Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dreams of Quilts

I rarely dream. My family thinks this is funny. If I remember my dream, then it is usually in black & white. When I close my eyes to get to sleep lots of times I see greens with a black background. These bits of green are like stars and or circles in horizontal grid. Is it just what I see when I close my eyes or is probably because I love quilts? More likely because of light, nerves and biorythms... The reason could be that I love quilts.

I love quilts. I wish I could sew, but I can not. So I penned & painted a dream "crazy quilt." I tried to put in bits of that green pattern, try to see the bits of "find some faces" too. All in all, here's to hoping that all is "dreamy" & well with you!  Posted by Picasa


Blogger carla said...

That's funny...dreaming of quilts! You know, those patterns would also look wonderful as tiles! You chose such pretty colors, and I like the white background. It's really refreshing looking.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005  

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