Tuesday, September 28, 2004

cleaned one side of my desk today and here is a collage that was born from the cleaning! Posted by Hello

Inside the Banning & Low Gallery Shop in Kensington, Maryland. This is a view from the entry stairs. Cool Gallery for Marylanders. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 24, 2004

C Carrots

cat grew these in the yard
i drew them today on a napkin
so i could recall
them forever... Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

MAH JONG Posted by Hello

i love green Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

long days leaving

Tomorrow fall begins...
In many ways I can't believe it but it has become cooler here and I love that. I have decided that once a week I will post quotations that are either uplifting, fun or relevant.

This week we have...
To ask questions... is to be on a quest - Sam Keen

Blogs Illustrated Bar @ top of page

Blogs Ilustrated Bar At the Top of this Page
this is a stained glass plan for the future
... not the near future :) Posted by Hello

Monday, September 20, 2004

joined blogs illustrated

love this site and they accepted me... blarneybytes... am very pleased to be in the company of such beautiful work...

i want to coordinate the first ever blogs illustrated members meeting in nyc... say sept. 2005... i've done a 10000 conferences this could be a blast we could draw in central park or where ever the group votes to draw... Irish bar anyone??? New York public library steps...

i want to get us a sweatshirt so we should have a doodle contest for it and then we let madge or ever really runs blogs illustrated to pick out of the hat and random doodle for our new gear...

blogs illustrated sites are really quite good, very talented folks... enjoy them

SO Thirsty Now ... a Night @ MD barracks Posted by Hello


my tale of woes illustrated... the p.s. is ... I bet if I had gone to the restroom there wouldn't be any toilet paper... I did not take the adventure that far :)

I scanned this in last year as an experiment... wanted to make a quilt but once I saw it scanned I did not like it. Oh well... experiments are still alot of fun :) Posted by Hello

We are not sheep! Means I am not good at following rules, never have been... hommage to joy radish learned how from her and when I was in IRELAND - I saw lots and lots of sheep... Not baaaaaaad... Posted by Hello

how's this scanned art...

above or below - i have tried to put in a picture i drew last december
hommage to joy radish...
comic... How's my art... you see or open the pic to see an irish sheep saying not too baaaaad...
but remember...we are not sheep and never will be!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

bad blarneybyte

was in a wreck last tues. eve. someone rear-ended me & then took off... they call it a hit and run...

scanner stuff still doesn't work great... I'll figure it out soon...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

lesson on light from the prof... thank you prof Posted by Hello

recalling an old saying
if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
attempt 1 scanned - probably - not scanned well... Posted by Hello

current photo drawing project Posted by Hello

they like it... they really, really like it -sally field

Thank you Krista & Ransom - I heard from you too... it took this ol'lady some blarneybytes of the brain to figure it out ... that is how to get at the comments...
Your website is awesome. It is absolutely fantastic. I love it. The family house is gorgeous. When I get a free moment this afternoon, I am going to go back into your website and fill out all of that good stuff and see what happens.
That is so neat. I am really excited for you. I will bookmark your website because I know that I will enjoy viewing all of the beautiful things that you are going to share.

Monday, September 13, 2004

green blarneybytes!
watercolor - 8/2004Posted by Hello

black & white photo

street scene of a spot in Kensington, MD; reminds me of a street in Cork, Ireland... Posted by Hello

a bit of the green

As this is new and creative I am trying to add a bit of spice to the wblog. So above are some pictures that I am currently trying to draw... Note the words trying...

I've selected these photos below because one reminds me of ireland and one has great green grass similar to co. roscommon grounds.


learning adventures

Good morning -

What a weekend! Saturday was more silent than Sunday as our nation recalled 9.11.2001

Wanted to enjoy a Sunday & then share w/others on how to enjoy a Sunday. And here is what I learned...

1. Sleep in, 1 or 2 hours .

2. Get up, get dressed, say your prayers or meditate on the goodness of the earth.

3. Do dishes, laundry and other chores first in order to get it out of the way.

4. Have bagels with creamcheese and coffee; in or out of the house.

5. Read the Paper and slowly sip a coffee chaser of cold water.

6. Take a short walk (even if it is just to the mailbox).

7. Go see the newest flick and take some friends and family.
Or watch the local football game.

8. Prepare a dinner that includes fresh vegetables.

9. Do your nails a favor and take 1 hour to primp on them as they work hard for us!

10. Have a bath, say your prayers or read a good book then enjoy a restful slumber!

welcome to blarneybytes.blogspot.com

I love our roots - family house in hoosick falls, ny Posted by Hello