Friday, April 22, 2005

a LITTLE something, a BIT of nothing...

I have been tired lately. I feel pretty good but tired.

Below I have tried to catch up on scanning and posting.
I enjoyed working on collage and like it... But I am not sure
if it really is collage, what is collage? anything your want with paper and glue that gives you a whole picture when you are through? In the collage I tried to hide lots of faces in order to make a puzzle out of it.

Also, I have put up a sketch of my right hand. I have a busy weekend ahead. Maybe not if the rain keeps up.

Speaking of rain, I heard an old song, think it was CCR's, Who will stop the rain?
It reminded me of another song I used to love in the sixth grade, It never rains in California... maybe that was CCR? What songs remind you of sixth grade?


Blogger Linda said...

Hmm.. can't remember who sang the one about it never rains in California -- not CCR, but I'm wanting to say Bobby Goldsomething?? Song I remember from sixth grade -- The Osmonds "Down By the Lazy River" -- if not sixth grade, sometime around there. Good question for thought!! :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005  

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