Sunday, July 17, 2005

Territory of Moses and Rockwell, NY & NE

Last week while in NY, VT, and MA we were able to get over to see the Norman Rockwell space in Stockbridge, MA. Wow what a gorgeous place he had to work. I drew some of the lawn ornaments but have yet to scan them in. Also in Mom's (Gramma Betty) town of Hoosick Falls I found the storefront where Grandma Moses work was discovered. The store is now "Bagels N More" but they still have the plaque that states something like Grandma Moses paintings were in this window for a Ladies Auxillary Sale. (I will get G.B. to write down the exact wording for me.

Also kind of neat, the town has a mural by either her son or grandson and if I have a pic I will post later on. I sure hope your artwork is going well and if ever you get to thls part of the country I am sure you will catch the spark too. I think that there is soooooooo much to look at and paint, draw or photograph! Wow, now that was fun. Hmmm, now what am I gonna draw today? I think I'll have to think on that or maybe I will just read my Norman Rockwell books again :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for Curtis Publishing, the company who licenses all Rockwell art, so I know what a master Rockwell was. I loved him before I started working here, but I appreciate him so much more now, being surrounded by his works all the time.

Thursday, July 21, 2005  

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