Thursday, October 14, 2004

1 color, 1 poem

I am really tickled about my growth in drawing, photography and watercoloring. It is like being back in 4th grade. Scanning images seems to be my most challenging hurdle. But I will perservere with tenacity... In the meantime here is a poem that I wrote.

A soul peace that is lasting
where is that now?
A place that is soothing, sparkling
and comforting,
It cannot be far.
I know my children will show me the way...

Dreaming of Ireland today,
my place of escape.
The fog and fields, people and sea
totally calm me...
I hear the crisp sounds of laughter,
music and dance.
The colors vivid in my memory where
my beginnings have root,
May I revisit the ground of family?


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