Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Maize - how little i know

I have days when I forget things... where did I put my keys, oh I can't find my glasses, did I set that bill on the counter or did I mail it. This is just the half of it... One day I put the windex in the refrigerator. This kind of absent mindedness or problem of not being present shows me why I like art and drawing, reading and writing. It shows me how little I know and how far I have to go. So many books to read. Right now I am reading Christopher Reeve's book, Nothing is Impossible... I just started and it has gotten me to thinking about how much in this world there is to learn.

Today I am particulary amazed that I have this little tickle of want - to learn to draw and to share... It is not fancy, but it is something I can do. It is something that I enjoy.

Life is complicated and silly sometimes so it is at those times I need to stop, sit and draw. Maize was one of those times in the last year. I love drawing mazes, I love black in on yellow paper or black ink on any paper. In drawing this I got a little lost but lost in a fun way. Do you have a favorite thing to draw?


Blogger Janey said...

Ilke your maze - black on yellow makes sure makes it pop. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, March 31, 2005  

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