Tuesday, December 27, 2005


An amazing,

unexpected gift!

On 12-25-2005 at my sister's home we sat between our main meal and coffee and took 10 minutes to draw it was so great to see all of us drawing at the same time, totally surreal!

I am so blessed to be in such a creative family. Thanks for all contributors! I will try to frame this for Grandma and Grandpa to hang in HFNY!

Top left to right: Mrs. Robinson's tree, next is Mrs. Nini's simplify, my simplify, my "Mrs. Nini's cup"

Bottom left: Mrs. Robinson's grandma, Mr. Robinson's Grandma, Jennifer Fanning's Grandma and Aunt Beth.

Contributors: Jeny Fanning, M.R. Robinson, A. Robinson, M.A. Ruprecht, P. Austin

Models: Grandma Betty and Aunt Beth

All of the above drawings are (c) 2005 and used with permission of the artists.


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